Meet Abby. Are you looking for an amazing furry, four paw addition to the family?  Then Abby is your gal!  This Collie mix is the full package.  Abby is a very kind and gentle soul.  She absolutely adores people and wants nothing more then to spend time with her family, no matter what they are doing.  Whether you like to cuddle or play a game of fetch - Abby is in as long as she can be with you.  She has both a cuddly and a playful side - the best of both worlds.  She loves to give kisses and will roll over in a submissive fashion for belly rubs.  Abby will make a wonderful addition to most any family.  She loves other dogs and would love to have a friendly and playful doggy sibling to play and hang out with.

Holly came to us with her two puppies.  Holly was a great mom even though she's barely past puppyhood herself.  She loves to play with both humans and other dogs of all sizes.  The perfect end to a fun filled day for her is to curl up in her dog bed at your feet (or on the couch next to you).

Meet adorable Titus! He is a deaf 2 year old English Bulldog mix.  He came to our rescue after his family didn't have the time to care for and train a dog with his special needs.  For his forever family, he is looking for someone that has experience with deaf dogs and knows what it takes to care for him. Titus is crate trained and potty trained. Although, he prefers not to stay in his crate for long periods of time.  Can you blame him?!?  He is great with other dogs, cats and children.  So....he pretty much gets along with everyone! He is currently with a foster family that is working with him to further his skills and help him feel more comfortable and loved.

Meet Mandy, an adult female Border Collie Mix.  Mandy is a sweetheart who just loves to spend time with her humans.  She gets along with other dogs, but would do fine as an only dog household too.  She came to us from Kentucky and is waiting patiently for her forever home.  Is it with you?


Meet sweet, shy Macy.  She was rescued from an overcrowded shelter while she was pregnant and brought into a safe foster home where she could be comfortable having her babies.  She was a great mom and now that she is done raising her six babies, she is ready for her forever home.  She was very good with her puppies even when they were older and she does prefer dogs that are her size or smaller and somewhat submissive, but have enough confidence to play, as she loves to play. Macy is shy with new people but once she trusts you, she will not leave your side.  She loves to play with toys and run around the yard chasing balls and bringing them back to her foster mom for praise.


 Reno was adopted about one year ago in Las Vegas, but needs to find a new home due to issues with the other cat in the house.  He is about 5 years old.  Reno is a sweet lap cat who loves attention.  He can be a bit vocal, letting you know what he wants or is looking for you.  He sleeps a lot, but when he is awake, he loves to play with his mouse.  Reno would be a great family cat.

Meet Nessa. She is a small adult Terrier Mix. She came to us from a kill shelter in KY along with her four small puppies.  After taking great care of them, she is now ready to find her forever home.  Nessa gets along well with other dogs and is crate trained but would much rather cuddle with you.

     Hi! I'm Jenna, and I'm a two year old coonhound mix.I'm housebroken, crate trained and great with other dogs.  I love squeaky toys and I'll fetch them for as long as you're willing to throw them.  I hardly shed at all and am trying to be tolerant of nail clipping (but still don't like it very much). I love to go for rides.

     I'm good about learning new skills (especially when there's treats involved!) and have been told I'm very smart.  I'm working hard on impulse control and almost have it down.  I love my people and would be okay with being and only dog, but having another dog for a playmate would be cool, too.

     Being a hound, I occasionally have a lot to say, but that's mostly directed at squirrels (I think they're evil).  Mostly, though, I'm pretty chill and love to have couch time with my people.  Want to share a couch with me?