Looking for a sweet cuddly, playful little guy to love? Then Dylan might be the pup you're looking for. He gets along well with other dogs of all sizes although he is a little guy and won't do well with a large dominant dog, as he might get hurt. While he likes to play with other dogs, he loves being in his foster moms arms and receiving belly rubs!! He will need someone who has the time to continue his training.

Callee is an affectionate, silly girl full of love!! Upon first meeting, she may be shy, but given some time and love, she will come running right into your arms! Her energy level varies from average to high. She loves to snuggle and enjoys playing with her foster brother. She may be tiny,but she is tough! She is able to keep up with his quick running and wrestling. Callee has mastered some basic commands such as sit, (lay) down, and come when called.  She has even completed a training class complete with certificate! Her leash walking skills have improved tremendously, although it is highly recommended to walk Callee on a harness. 
Callee has slept in a crate, but much prefers to be out of the crate.  She gets anxious when being in a crate for long periods of time. Callee was crated during the day, but has graduated to being gated in a room when home alone. Calle would do fine in a home as an only dog or a home with another small dog.  When out in public, Callee becomes very timid around other dogs, especially the bigger dogs. Callee needs a slow introduction to new dogs and a fair amount of time to adjust.  She has not had much exposure to her feline friends, but when she has been around them, she let them go about their business and just watched them.
A tall fenced in yard is best for Callee as she has a high prey drive and would not do well on a tie-out.  She has been able to clear a 5 foot gate.  When Callee gets overly excited, she can jump and be mouthy. For this reason, it would be recommended that Callee goes into a home without young children.


Meet sweet, lovable Casey.  We rescued Casey from a high kill shelter that thought she was pregnant.  Turns out she wasn't pregnant but had probably had babies and was done rearing them when she was picked up.  That means now she is ready to find her forever home!  She's a little bit overweight since we were feeding her like she was pregnant, but luckily she LOVES to go for walks.  She does well with other dogs of all ages, sizes and genders and likes to play with them as well as her human companions.  She will also play well by herself and cuddle when it's time to settle down!

Meet sweet and playful Carson.  He's adventurous and loves to have fun but is respectful of the boundaries set by both the humans and canines in his foster home.  After he's done playing, he is ready to curl up next to human or canine for cuddle time and a snooze.


Barney was an owner give-up along with his litter mates Wilma and Fred. They were a little skinny at first but are gaining weight nicely and are very sweet and friendly. Good with other dogs and gentle for a puppy he does well with everyone he meets. He will need someone who has the time to spend continuing his training.

Meet Gibbs. He first came to AR4MP as a puppy in March and was quickly adopted into a wonderful family but through no ones fault, he had to come back into the rescue where he is again looking for that wonderful family to call his own. He is a very sweet boy who knows sit, down, shake. He is good with kids and other dogs. He loves to play fetch and also give giant hugs. If you are looking for a loving, happy dog to become part of your family then Gibbs is the one for you.

Wilma was given up by her owners along with her litter mates Barney and Fred. Wilma is sweet and friendly and loves to play like a typical puppy. She will need someone to continue with her training.

Kit Kat is a typical feisty puppy who wants to have fun and play with her forever family. She is now ready to find that family. She will need someone who has the time to spend continuing her training.

Meet sweet, shy Macy.  She was rescued when she was pregnant from an overcrowded shelter and brought into a safe foster home where she could be comfortable having her babies.  She was a great mom and now that she is done raising her six babies, she is ready for her forever home.  She is very good with her puppies even though they have gotten older now, but isn't as fond of the other dogs in her foster home.  Macy is shy with new people but once she trusts you, she will not leave your side.  She loves to play with toys and run around the yard chasing balls and bringing them back to her foster mom for praise.

Caramello is sweet and loves to play with her litter mates, but would rather find her forever home. She will need someone who has the time to spend continuing her training.